Any Sony DVD players that play mp3 discs?

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    Title says it all.
    I'm ready to replace my Toshiba 2108 because it doesn't play mp3 disks, doesn't play DVD-R's, or CDR's, and won't play Emperor's New Groove!
    My receiver is a Sony ES, so I really want a DVD player so I can take advantage of the remote control from my receiver.
    To make a short story long (sorry), are there any Sony DVD players that play mp3 disks?
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    Mar 28, 2000
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    Mike, Sony does not make any DVD players that play MP3-encoded CDs. Sony has shown little support for the MP3 format because they developed the proprietary portable solid-state Memory Stick format to compete with it. Memory Stick uses a form of ATRAC compression that is similar to that used for minidiscs. I am not aware that Sony has marketed their ATRAC compression for CD compilations. That's probably because they want to continue promoting minidisc. Anyway, the only Sony products that I am aware of that play MP3-encoded CDs are car CD head units. Perhaps some of their portable CD players do too.
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