Any reviews or info on Sony's new LCD KDF-70XBR950?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Jeff Adams, Oct 16, 2003.

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    I keep finding reasons to not upgrade my hdtv but I am coming closer and closer to doing it anyway. And Sony's new 70 Inch LCD hdtv might convince me. I was wondering if any of you have seen these or had any experience with it. How are the black levels? How is the picture quality? How well does it display hdtv images? Thanks.
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    I just posted this in another thread but here it is for you:

    As a recent recipient of a Sony KDF-70XBR950 I can realisticly say that the ones you've seen in the Gran Wega line before likely were not set up right if the standard TV signal was that bad. If you have the chance to get in front of one with either a Satellite or Cable box feed there is several important steps to set it up right.

    Go to Menu -> Video ->Advanced Video ->
    DRC Mode (Set to High Density) and under the same menu
    BN Smoother (set to High)

    This will soften the picture somewhat but straight tv is much improved.

    As far as FP versus RP, I have a Studio Experience 12SF and the picture quality is top notch in its price range and under the right conditions. Bad thing is I rent and can't go drilling holes in ceiling for mounts and cabling much less the costs of hundreds if not thousands on custom blackout drapes. I have issues with stray light washing the picture out. The Rear Projection 70" rocks on except with very bright lights (like the ceiling fan in the room with four 60W bulbs 5 feet from the front of it. Even then it keeps looking decent. It's the glare on the front that is the issue. With indirect lighting you'd have to be getting a suntan before it would really make it unwatchable, with reduced lighting it just keeps getting better and better. I did also see a notciable difference just between my older Sony DVD player and the new DVP-NS999ES I procurred to feed it a quality progressive scan picture. I hear (although Sony's site doesn't confirm it) that all signals fed to it are converted into 788P.

    I spent $5500 and tax on the set 2 weeks ago at Austin DES., it weighs about the same as my 36" direct View XBR Wega and takes up the same depth from the wall. I looked at it first at The Ultimate in Round Rock and their set just plain sucked, low quality house feed and only a low end DVD player hooked up to it. The glare from the plasma sets directly in front of the unit was distracting to say the least. But it served it's purpaose which was to suck people into that part of the store. Find someone that is feeding it the right signal, and then make your decision. I use it in a 11 X 13 room and it's perfect. It's my bedroom tv. I sit from 7 to 12 feet from it and DVD's with the lights down low just plain blows your mind.

    BTW Black Levels are quite good and HDTV looks as good as waticng my 36" Wega XBR CRT.

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