Any reviews of the single-disc Lawrence of Arabia?

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    I know this is thread is close to blasphemy, but I'm curious. I have not picked up the 2-disc set yet, and am curious as to the quality of the new one discer. Since Colombia removed all extras/audio tracks except the 5.1 track, more space was clearly made available. I kind of like the idea of being able to watch Lawrence of Arabia uninterrupted (also, since I am a economically-careful college student, the one discer provides an economical alternative--which will be on sale for 11.99 this weekend at Best Buy, I believe). Does the capacity of one DVD make a quality presentation of a film of this length utterly impossible?

    I'd like to have the extras, but I'd settle for a quality, uninterrupted OAR presentation of the film at this point, if necessary. Also, since Robert Harris has voiced the fact that this transfer is not the best representation of Lean's original, I don't want to invest too much into it.

    Anyone seen this transfer? Is it utterly horrible, or indistinguishable from the previous release?

    Anyone know where I can get the 2-disc set at a low price?

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    Brian McHale
    I went to DVD-Basen, my usual source for finding DVD reviews and there was one listed. They gave it good marks, but didn't compare it to the 2-disc set.
    I also don't have this on DVD. I'm not always the biggest fan of extras. If the quality was comparable, I might go for the single disc version.
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    The 2-disc set has dual layer discs. The movie takes up 3 layers, and the extras 1 layer of information. Furthermore, the end of disc 1 is at the film's intermission, so it's an intended break, more or less....

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