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Any possibilities of a Friday SE ? (1 Viewer)

James W. Johnson

May 26, 2001

This is one of my favorite DVDs and I have always wanted an SE of it. Is anyone else here a fan of this movie and do you think there is enough sales of this DVD to warrant an SE treatment?

Nils Luehrmann

Senior HTF Member
Mar 21, 2001

The current DVD is a Special Edition.

While it is true that this is one of the least feature rich of all New Line's Platinum Edition DVDs, but even being over five years old, this is an excellent quality DVD with some decent special features.

New Line used a high definition anamorphic transfer for this DVD which still looks better than some newer 'Special Edition' DVDs getting released today. This is especially noteworthy as the original film was not exactly of the highest quality possible (as expected for such a low budget film).

The current DVD offers up some decent deleted scenes, a couple music videos, and about forty minutes worth of interviews with the director and producer, both of which were quite insightful and not your typical PR press junket variety interviews.

Some might have liked to have a 5.1 audio track, but the original Dolby Surround mix as used for the theatrical release is quite good and a new 5.1 mix would not by itself be enough to interest me in a double dip.

The only obvious omission is a running commentary.

As for sales, this Platinum Edition DVD was one of the best selling DVDs of 1999-2000 and continues to be one of New Line's best selling DVDs thanks to the cult status of this film and the past remakes (Next Friday, and Friday After Next). In fact Barbershop and its sequel Barbershop 2: Back in Business share the same style as the Friday films and thus their success has only created more interest in the original Friday.

If anything, poor sales of a standard DVD result in a studio's lack of interest in producing a SE version as the risk of a poor ROI is too great. As such, if a standard DVD sells well that will often inspire a studio to invest in a SE release. Very rarely is it the other way around. Poor sales usually lead to no further releases while excellent sales may lead to numerous editions.

That said, because next year is the 10th anniversary of Friday, because the current DVD has sold so well, and because there is room for improvement (a 5.1 mix and commentary track(s) would be nice) I suspect New Line may in fact revisit this title.

If not, the current release is still quite good and should not be ignored in hopes of a new edition someday, especially when it could probably be picked up for under $10 by now.

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