any opinions on the Def. Tech. ProCinema 400 Speaker System

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  1. Curtis_Edwards

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    Jan 1, 2001
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    Anyone have this system or know anything about any of the speaker companents.
    Def Tech Pro Tower (built in 6.5" sub w/125W amp)
    Def Tech Pro Center C2 (center channel)
    Def Tech Pro Monitor 200 (surround speakers)
    Thanks in advance.
    This may seem silly to many, but I wonder how these compare to Paradigm Active 40 or Active 20 speakers.
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  2. Alvin Lau

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    Feb 15, 2000
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    My setup is:
    DefTech ProTower 400s
    DefTech CLR 2000
    DefTech BPXs
    DefTech PF18TL
    On the whole, everything sounds GREAT. The only change I'd make is to replace the PF18TL with a monster SVS setup, and maybe get another pair of BPXs for 7.1 sound.
    The ProTowers are very good for the price. If you have the space (they produce an enormous soundstage) and they fit your tastes, I think you'll be very pleased.
  3. Neil Weinstock

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    Nov 28, 2000
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    I've got the following system:
    Front: ProMonitor 200
    Center: ProCenter C2
    Rear: ProMonitor 100
    Sub: SVS 20-39PC
    The ProTower 400's are, I believe, basically the ProMonitor 200 with added powered sub. I am quite happy with my system, all around. I didn't have much interest in the ProTower's because I knew I was going for a serious sub, and I'm more than happy to run my mains "small".

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