Any mega changers with "bookmark" feature.

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    I know some older models (even single disk) used to have this feature where when you stop a disk you could leave a bookmark on the player of where you were on the disk. This is not the same as the feature that most players have where a disk will start up where it left off, if you don't take it out or anything. The reason I ask is because I was thinking of getting a mega changer, but I know I will end up starting movies, then starting another one or listening to a CD, and I will be totally annoyed if I cant bookmark where I was in the movie. How do mega changer owners handle this problem, and do any of the current affordable mega changers have this bookmark feature.
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    Charles, check out the Sony DVP-CX860 and 'CX870D 300-disc megachangers. I bet at least the 'CX870D has some sort of bookmark feature. I have the Sony DVP-C670D carousel DVD changer from the same generation as the aformentioned megachangers, and it has a very nice bookmark feature. The 'C670D allows you to store bookmarks for 300 different DVDs. I don't recall off-hand how many bookmarks can be stored per disc, but it's plenty. Of course, these bookmarks are stored in the player's memory, so you can pull up the bookmarks if you remove and later reload a DVD.
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