Any Lawn Gurus? HELP!!

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    After a summer long drought, my lawn is in pretty sorry shape. My grass in the back yard is pretty burnt, has several bald spots and has a number of non-native species (read...weeds!) growing back there. Although I watered as much as I could (severally restricted by local watering restrictions) it doesn't seem to have done much. The only area that seems in good shape is the one corner of the yard that's shaded. The rest of the yard has total sun exposure and bore the full brunt of this summer's heat. In the past I have bypassed using fertilizers because I have two dogs that enjoy chewing grass.

    Now though I'm ready to try anything drastic to save what grass I have left. I'm worried what's still back there may not make it through the winter. Is there anything I can do to help my case? Fertlizers, weed killers, spread new grass seed? I'm open to just about anything. My back yard is so large that I can't afford to sod it next year or rototill the whole thing. Any advice is appreciated.
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    The burned out areas should come back next spring. Lay down some grass seed in the bare areas now, and again in the spring. Get some liquid weed killer to spray on this fall, and starting next year commit to a complete fertlizing campaign. Personally, I use Scotts' system, which includes Halts (fertilizer + crabgrass preventer) in early spring, Weed & Feed in late spring, summer fertilizer and then the fall/winter fertilizer. I also have a jug of spray-on weed killer to hit the occasional weed that dares to pop up. [​IMG]

    Even with the lack of rain this year around here, our lawn still looks very good. I water three times per week, with the sprinklers set to go off around 2am.

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