Any info on head units that are SIRIUS ready?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Scott Wong, Nov 29, 2003.

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    I'm just wondering if anyone currently has any info or review they might be able to lend?

    Hopefully, this doesn't seem too conviluted but I had my heart set on getting an Alpine CDA-7897. A recent review in an issue of Car Audio magazine helped me along. The add on AT&T interface/module for it seems extremely impressive, Ai-NET capabilities, and overall sound quality of this head unit all seem like something I want. Navigation is also something I'd like to add in the future. As an added bonus, all Alpine decks are XM Radio ready.

    Now the dilemma... I do want satellite radio. Period. However, after researching XM Radio a bit more (and reading all of Ron Epstein's various threads... not too mention the other various forums on the Internet) I am somewhat convinced that XM Radio is not what I want. SIRIUS seems to be the way that I want to go. Except, I hate all of the head units that are SIRIUS ready. I guess what I'm asking is, are there any decks out there that anyone would recommend that have the capabilities and features that the Alpine does that is SIRIUS ready? i.e., navigation, .mp3 playback, fold down face and/or detachable face, etc, etc.

    I'd appreciate any info...

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    You could always just get a universal add on tuner and connect it to the Aux input on the Alpine headunit. I'm doing that with my JVC LH-2000, which is not satellite radio ready. However, I ordered up the aux input adapter(it plugs into the CD Changer port and works in lieu of that) and I'll be connecting my XM Roady to that aux input for car usage. I noticed that Sirius has several similar products to the roady that are compact and have line outputs for just such a usage. If your set on the alpine, that's the way to go. Of the manufacturers that make Sirius ready headnits, Kenwood is probably your best bet, but I personally hate their design(they've become very gaudy and cheap looking ever since a few years ago).
    Good luck with your hunt.
  3. Ronald Epstein

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    Ronald Epstein

    I am sure you have read this in the Satellite
    Forum threads....

    Very happy with the Kenwood 869. Does most
    everything you mentioned in your criteria (plays
    MP3 and has a fold down face), but unsure about
    all of what you need.

    I am VERY happy with the sound quality which in
    my opinion bested the Alpine 7894 with XM Radio.

    Let us know how you made out, Scott. Very interested
    to hear your opinions on your head unit and venture
    into satellite radio.

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