Any ideas for a room with an LED and a projector

Discussion in 'Displays' started by kellydigital, Jul 12, 2012.

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    I just bought a new house. my living room in the new place is 18' wide and 32' long.
    There is already a motorized projector screen in the ceiling along one of the 18' walls.
    We are planning on putting a 60" LED above the fireplace half way down the 32' wall.
    My question is - what is the best way to setup Audio. We will primarily use the LED for tv in this room - with the occasional movie on the projector (trying to find an Epson 3010 or similar...
    The basement is unfinished so i was debating using in-wall or in-ceiling speakers - but is there an easy way to switch which speakers are the left/center/right or rear when watching the LED or the Projector?
    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    Just a thought, but it would be LOADS easier to just put the TV on the same wall as the projector screen.
    Otherwise you need 3-5(depending if you get 5.1 or more) speaker switch boxes. There are "xantech controllable" speaker switch boxes, but you better be sitting down when you see the price tag.
    And you "really" want to buy 10-14 speakers???
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    I wouldn't bother with trying to set up a system to "switch" orientations. Too much work and money, not to mention the headaches of setting up and operating the system.

    Sam does bring up a good point - move both to the same wall, and you won't have this dilemma.

    Another thing to consider - TVs above fireplaces SOUND like a good idea, but are generally frowned upon as you WILL get neck strain looking up at the TV all the time. Plus, you're talking about a 60" (!!!) screen over top of a fireplace - that's even worse than what we typically hear people doing (smaller display).

    If you're absolutely stuck on putting the displays on different walls, set up a 5.1 system for the projector, and get a decent 3.1 setup for the TV. No reason for them to be "connected".

    Keep it simple.

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