Any gamers going to the LA Meet?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ned Vogler, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. Ned Vogler

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    Not sure where I should post this... as I think it applies in several areas. [​IMG]

    Who else that is going out to LA with HTF in Sept. is a video game junkie like myself??

    I'm getting so used to playing (either on Live or with friends) almost every night, that it's going to be tough to go 7 days without at least SOME gaming! [​IMG] I know we'll be plenty busy with HTF activities, but I'm sure there will be some downtime as well.

    I know we've got a couple of dedicated HT rooms at the hotel, do you think there would be time available for some of us to do some gaming?? [​IMG]

    Is there anyone that might be willing to transport their console(s) out to LA to facilitate this?? I suppose we could always rent a console as well. I know I could certainly bring some of my games with me....

    Thoughts and/or comments???
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    Ned, you should really post this in the Meet area. I'm sure you would get some interest.

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