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Any Freddy's Nightmares reviews? (1 Viewer)


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Dec 2, 1998
If I'm not mistaken it came out today in the UK so can anyone give us a review?

Here are the specs from Amazon

DVD Special Features:
Freddy merchandise
Photo Gallery
The Legacy of Freddy Kruger
DVD Technical Information:

Aspect Ratio: 4 x 3

Soundtrack: Mono

No More Mr Nice Guy (47 mins approx.)
The sinister Freddy Krueger recounts the horrific events that led to his burning and how he became a dream killer. When Freddy Krueger is acquitted on a technicality for the slayings of innocent children, an enraged mob led by the parents of the victims seeks revenge against the fedora-donned, razor-gloved janitor of the Springwood power plant.

It’s a Miserable Life (47 mins approx.)
A moment becomes a lifetime between the pulling of a trigger and the impact of a bullet to an innocent victim of a drive-by shooting: while his girlfriend’s fear of hospitals fiendishly materialize when she becomes a victim as well.

Killer Instinct (47 mins approx.)
A high school track star who’s lost her competitive edge experiences the thrill of victory and the painful agony of defeat when her coach urges her to get the killer instinct. He provides her with a talisman to help her not only visualize winning, but focus on the gruesome destruction of her opponents.


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Nov 15, 2000
I'll have it sometime next week.I'll post a review.
$18.30 shipped at Benson's World.Not bad.

Not bad artwork,but what the hell is up with the toy glove on the back? Hehehehe.

Chris Dugger

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Jun 5, 1998
I (personally) was really looking forward to this release...

When the goods arrive I popped it in and it was then why I never buddy'd up to this series....

First off.... The vid quality is just so - so... I don't know if it was the source materials or just a bad transfer... But the video side of this release left something to be desired.

Second off... The show was run mono... and the tracks (although presented in their orginial state) also leave much to be desired... I mean... I know mono is mono... but here the tracks just haven't any life...

Last (but not least!) ... After watching 2 of these episdoes, I realized why I was never a fan of the show... It was just plain lame... At least Friday The 13th: The Series was entertaining to me... this here just didn't do anything for me...

Anyway.... Volume 1 for me will be the only one in my collection...



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Dec 2, 1998
Sometimes you've just got to step up to the plate yourself. :)

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Freddy's Nightmares The Series
Volume 1

No More Mr. Nice Guy
It's a Miserable Life
Killer Instinct

Special Features:
The Legacy of Freddy Krueger
Freddy Merchandise
Photo Gallery

Total Running Time: 138 mins

Freddy's Nightmares first aired on October 9, 1988 and ran for two seasons totaling 44 episodes. Finally the first 3 have made their way on to DVD. Freddy's Nightmares is an anthology series similar in style to Tales from the Crypt. Each episode runs about 45 minutes without commercials. Freddy plays a prominent role in the first episode, but after that, he assumes a more passive role more like a host. This show feels very 80’s with the dress and especially the synth score. I was 13 years old when this series aired on television and I have fond memories of it scaring the crap out of me every week. I have not seen an episode since then and the question is how well has it held up 15 years later? The short answer is pretty well. The episodes are fairly formulaic but they do contain some creepy moments and are quite fun to watch.

The first episode, No More Mr. Nice Guy, is directed by Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist) and ties directly into the films by explaining Freddy's origins. The other two, while set in the town of Springwood, have nothing to do with Freddy Krueger.

Video & Audio:
The picture quality is pretty good for a TV show. There are very few blemishes and it looks great for a show that is 15 years old. I noticed no major compression artifacts even though most episodes have some dark, foggy sets. The sound is Dolby Digital mono and sounds fine.

All three extras are text based with a forward/back navigation.
The Legacy of Freddy Krueger does a pretty nice job of explaining who Freddy Krueger is for those who may not have seen the films.

Freddy Merchandise shows pictures of various Freddy Krueger merchandise sold over the years. It is a great concept but unfortunately with only 6 pages is far too short and left me wanting much more. Most of the items shown are very recent from NECA, McFarlane, and even the yet-to-be-released 12" doll from Sideshow Toys. It would have been nice to have a description of the items to go along with the pictures.

Photo Gallery contains 8 pages of various Freddy promo pictures from the movies.

It's A Miserable Life stars a young John Cameron Mitchell long before Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Killer Instinct has a cameo by New Line's Bob Shaye

Closing Thoughts:
This is a region 2 PAL DVD which unfortunately means that it is only available to those living in the UK or who have a region free DVD player. Also with 44 episodes in the series, if they don't start putting more than 3 episodes on a disc, it will cost a fortune to collect them all.



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Nov 15, 2000
Just got this today,from Benson's World.Ordered it Thursday,and it shipped Friday.Now,that's quick.

Picture quality-wise,the episodes have never looked better.Especially considering i'm used to watching 15 year old EP VHS tapes of them.I remember the original broadcasts,and the DVD is definitley an improvement.

I just sure hope we get the whole series,this time around.

Oh,and in the Killer Instinct episode,when the "Directed by Mick Garris" credit appears,Freddy drops his hat,and picks it up.

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