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Any early comments on "K-Pax?" (1 Viewer)

Perry Jonkheer

Second Unit
Jan 31, 1999
I just recently saw this preview and found it to be quite interesting. I just got back from Rotten Tomatoes and I guess it's about a man who claims he is from another planet and eventually gets put into a psychiatric hospital. The doctor he interacts with at the hospital is Jeff Bridges and he begins to believe "Kevin Spacey's" story. Looks like it might be pretty decent. I am a huge fan of Spacey as well. His roles are always very convincing to me.
Anyone else???

Jason Seaver

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1997
Depends what else is out. It's not high on my list, since the trailer makes in look like a Kevin Spacey vanity project. I also get the feeling that it really, really badly wants to be Happy Accidents, but is too overwrought to attain that film's cleverness.

Elbert Lee

Supporting Actor
May 24, 2000
watch the film first. I have a feeling that there is more to it than the trailer reveals.
I'm not an actor, but have attended many workshops. The one thing about acting is that one does not need to change everything about him or herself to step into a character. The whole thing about acting is BEING ONESELF as that character. When someone says that "Jim Carrey" is the same in all of his movies, the statement can be true. However, he has to play himself as though he were that person.
Jack Nicholson is another example of a famous star who has been a hollywood characature for a long time. When he plays a role, he plays "Jack" as the Colonal from "A Few Good Men" or as the homophobe from "As Good as it Gets". There's no rule that says that both characters don't have evil looking eyebrows. As long as the essense of the character shines through, that's all that is important. I really appreciate the thought that these actors go through to build a character: Motivation, selfishness, dysfunctions, insecurities, level of stubborness and pettiness, etc...
I think Spacey has taken a lot of diverse roles. His character from "The Usual Suspects" is much different than is other Oscar turn in "American Beauty". Sure, there are many of the same Spacey mannerisms and speech patterns, but if the essenses of the character is brought to life, he has succeeded.

Julie K

Dec 1, 2000
I read the book several months ago and disliked the whole touchy/feely, triumph of "feeling" over "thinking" theme that permeated the work. I now have no desire to see the movie.
"Some people think I'm over-prepared, paranoid...maybe even a little crazy. But they never met any pre-Cambrian life forms, did they?"


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 12, 2000
I saw a sneak preview of K-Pax just last night. It basically came across to me as a mixture of Starman, Awakenings, with a bit of Meet Joe Black unfortunately thrown in. It also tried to evoke One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest at times, but that attempt really failed due to the psych-ward scenes being too "cutesy." So, overall, it's worth seeing, mainly for Spacey, but I say wait until it's on video or cable.

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