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Any chance on a Lightyears DVD? (1 Viewer)

Apr 25, 2000
The very interesting animated movie, Lightyears, would be a great addition to the many adult oriented animated stories on disc. Since it is also scripted by none other than classic sci-fi writer, Isaac Asimov, it is even more worthy of restoring for a full on Special Edition DVD. Of course, the film is top-notch animation, but it still is very cool and done nicely by the French animators back in 1988. It's also the only movie, or show period, that I know of where you can hear Teller (or the comedy magic duo Pen & Teller) speak in a small character role. Penn Gillette also has a role in the story too. Other actors with voice roles are Christopher Plummer, Jennifer Grey, Glenn Close, John Shea & Terrence Mann. It's slow at times, but the story and animation are really worthy of hearing and seeing. If you've ever seen the highly unusual 1973 French animated film, Fantastic Planet, then you'll know what kind of look Lightyears contains, though much better and smoother of course since there is a big gap in years between the two.

Mark Edward Heuck

Jul 25, 2000
Well, Miramax originally released the film in America. It was licensed out to Vidmark (Trimark/Lions Gate) for video, along with some other Miramax titles that have since reverted back to them (UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH, THE COOK THE THIEF...)
So, the likely company that would do anything for this film would be Anchor Bay, the current licensor of pre-Disney Miramax material. And they seem to be amenable to doing things like this for their B titles. It would be a great companion to their already terrific release of Laloux' FANTASTIC PLANET.
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