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Any Chance of 21st Anniversary HTF Meet in 2018? (1 Viewer)

Raul Marquez

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Apr 2, 2002
San Juan, Puerto Rico (USA)
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Raul H. Marquez, MD
Also count me in for any future events!

The memories of those meets we experienced are hard wired in our family's brains as some of the best memories we've had.... and we've had many great ones. Every once in a while one of our sons who have now moved to the states from San Juan, PR (my son to Florida and Sandy's to Georgia) recall a particular detail of something about one of those meets and it becomes a loving memory lane trip for all of us.

Again, thank you Ron, Adam and Kevin !
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Rob Willey

Apr 10, 2000
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Thanks for the thoughtful status update, Ron.

Sorry to hear the Hollywood meets may be no more, but totally understandable. The logistics were immense and the work the owners had to put into those meets must have been overwhelming.

As a passenger in the van that had the wrong directions to Disney in 2015, I can say we were just embarrassed to always be the last van to arrive at every location, making everyone else wait on us. I think our GPS was set to "Slowest Possible Route".

I have nothing but fond memories of the all the meets between 2001-2015 and nothing but gratitude to the owners for making them possible.


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Jun 14, 2007
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I'm just reading this. As I have had some health issues in the family to deal with, my time has been limited to read the forum. As I have been very fortunate to experience several meetings starting with events in Las Vegas in 2007 and 2008, I've enjoyed every one and have been very appreciative to Ron and the rest of the group for their efforts. I'm sad to see the meetings go, but I can certainly understand the situation. As technology changes, communication methods change and relationships with the studios change, one can only understand how this can happen.

I will always be grateful for the opportunities these meetings provided. As I told my wife the first time we were allowed into the Disney studios, "I can die happy now." As well as the time we were granted access to Club 33 in Disneyland thanks to the kind efforts of one of the members who wants to remain nameless. Or the time we were able to watch the Jack Reacher movie several months in advance before it was released, but we weren't allowed to discuss it. Even those things that are no longer, like the Zune studio. That was enjoyable as well.

So thanks to all of the HTF team that put these events together. You don't realize the all of the memories you have contributed to.

Joe Wong

Jun 8, 1999
Being a film fan and living in Australia in the late 90s, I was envious of the early HTF meets. Then, having moved to the US, I was able to participate (with my wife) in the 2008, 2012, and 2015 meets. Loved every one of them, not only for the film and HT content, but the camaraderie amongst fellow film fans.

I enjoyed being able to provide pictures for the meets, and commenting on the newer formats. For example, Blu-ray had won the HD disc war a few months earlier when the 2008 meet occurred, and everyone was talking about the upgrade to HD video quality. But I also loved the upgrade to lossless audio that came with Blu-rays! And I enjoyed pestering the Dolby guy in 2012 who was demoing Dolby Atmos in their screening room. I asked several times (half in jest, of course!) when they were planning to port Atmos to home theatre equipment. He said no plans....but of course a couple of years later Atmos for home was launched.

Thanks again to HTF for these meets. If there is a future meet, would love to attend again, but if not, I'll cherish those I did attend.

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