Any AS/400 RPG programmers here.

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    This might belong in the After Hours section but I'll post it here to start.

    I'm fresh out of school. Programming market isn't what it was a few years ago. Finally had my first interview. Company has their softare on several platforms. Window NT written in C++ using the Dexterity tool set. This I wouldn't hesitate about. But the other systems are System/34,36,38 and AS/400 coded in RPG. And they want someone for RPG programming (the add didn't make this clear).

    All my University training has been on the OOP model. I really don't want to step back to a procedural language.

    If I get offered the job would I be crazy accepting a programming job for systems introduced in the mid to late 80s. I know there won't be any OOP experience gained from it (which of course is what I need to get better jobs). Would there be anything valuable I'd gain from it besides working with an actual software development team?
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    I work for a company that does some GUI front ends for AS/400 systems. We also do front ends for 3270, 5250 and VT100 terminal types among many other types(believe me the list is VERY long). The company does a lot other communication/messaging based work but this is brunt of it. Anyway, there a lot of these old systems out there that are not going to die anytime soon (I've worked with quite a few over the years). However, most of my experience is in OOP languages as well. I'd say go for it considering the market and your experience level. It's better to have some experience and then on move rather than be unemployeed.
    -Andre F

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