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    The only radio station I like is, obviously, the only one I don't receive on my receiver, but we get it fine in the car. I can get it on my receiver if I hold the cheap wire antenna and stand like a statue in some stupid position, so I though I just need a slightly better antenna and I'll get the station fine.

    So I got a Terk Amplified FM antenna and it just made the reception worst and it doesn't even sound like its the right station anymore.

    Does anyone know what is wrong and how can I get this station?

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    The Terk also needs to be positioned where it can best receive the signals. You need to place it up off the floor and away from any metallic objects (blinds, shutters, etc.) or any other obstructions (walls, for example). You should get much better reception than with the simple dipole antenna that comes with most receivers.

    As for the amplification feature: Bear in mind that it will also amplify signal flaws and noise.

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