Another "studios aren't morally responsible" study

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Gregory Vaughan, Oct 3, 2005.

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    Study: Hollywood Doesn't Show Consequences

    I had to laugh. Their methodology was to study "a September 2003 list of the 200 biggest box-offices successes of all time as ranked by the Internet Movie Database." They found that 28 contained sex scenes, but only one contained a "suggestion of condom use, which was the only reference to any form of birth control."

    There conclusion was "The motion picture industry should be encouraged to depict safer sex practices and the real consequences of unprotected sex and illicit drug use."

    Now I'm looking at this thinking, "they studied the most successful movies of all time and found that one thing they had in common was not showing the consequences of unprotected sex and illicit drug use. Why do I feel the studios would draw a different lesson from this study."
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    Sam Favate
    Who initiated this study? Rev. Lovejoy?

    Seems to me these studies are often done by people who want to proclaim a lack of morals and who want everyone else to live by their ideas of what constitutes morality. It's a colossal waste of time, if you ask me.

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