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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Dave H, Dec 12, 2003.

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    There has been some discussion in ohter threads about how high to have sharpness levels and how Avia and VE/DVE use the patterns, etc. to help determine the optimal level.

    My sharpness level is very low on my display (maybe 5-6%). I use Avia and this keeps my frequency pattern at the top of the screen of the same "white" intensity, but I would see some very, very low EE around the center circle.

    So, I decided to turn my sharpness control down to zero. While watching the movie, I paused it at the scene where the EE was obvious. NEARLY ALL OF IT WENT AWAY. And, the image didn't really seem to lose detail.

    I then went back to Avia, and the frequency pattern still remains of the same light intensity (albeit a bit darker or more gray). The letters "Sharpness" on the pattern look a tad softer --- but turning sharpness up only seems to add EE to it really.

    I need to try this with different movies and see how it compares. Obviously, this is not going to eliminate EE that is in many DVDs, but it may make it less noticable. So long as detail isn't lost, this seems to be a good solution. Also, I know every display is different --- on my Sony RPTV sharpness seems virtually useless.
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    Also be aware that EE can be added on the disc itself. A totally EE free display will still show the EE that is on the actual DVD on movies that have it applied. I would use test discs as a judge, since they won't have that applied in the sharpness test patterns. Movies, though, that have it applied, you can't really get rid of it since it is in the video itself.

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