Another rant against Canadian etailers

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    While I had the privelege of being part of the reporting staff at The Big Picture, I remember having had an early look at the launch of I said at the time, "These guys cannot last." It was simple. You can't charge high prices, poor service, ten dollar coupons that only serve to lower the overall price to B&M retail - and still hope to survive. And, of course, they did not.
    I thought perhaps that Indigo would learn the lessons of stupidity and do it right. Then, I see this:
    Perhaps they will last 18 months. They will not see any business from me.
    Thank God Best Buy is coming to Canada. Finally, we in Canada will see an online presence in the HT area that has depth of product, and reasonable pricing.
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    It seems that they take the Canadian consumer as bunch of morons.
    Rarely did they have a price that was any better than retail, esp when you include shipping.
    I seem to remember my own fiasco with Tha Matrix. The price was actually CHEAPER than B&M . Of course that included a $10 off coupon and free shipping.
    Worked out to $17.69 to my door....if it ever got there.
    A week after it was released I still hadn't received it and Future Shop had for $20+tax...see ya Chapters!!
    I have to say that they are VERY GOOD with books even though they SUCK with movies.
    Brent L

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