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    Ready to get dusty and complete the subs I have been building. Been out of town a bunch and have not had much time to even begin to learn how to use the enclosure programs available. I have been relying on some specs. I received from Dan Wiggins at Adire a year ago, and specs for a comparable dual driver enclosure, again from Dan. I'm going to see if two single subs, or one dual sub, works better in my room. Question on the porting is,..I have one 6" port per driver in the dual unit, and twin 4" ports in the single units. I would like to use a single 6" in the single driver units as well, just don't know how to convert the twin 4" toi a single 6". Can anybody help me with this?

    Here is the sigle Tempest specs,..



    twin 4" flared ports full length,( I think thats 17" plus flares)

    1.5" mdf inset both ends

    Thanks guys,...>>>--->
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    thats about 8 ft^3 and a fb of about 19hz. try a 6"x24" vent (which includes a flare at each end) to keep that same tuning. load up that software and play with it, have fun.

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