Another Marantz 5200 question I forgot ?

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    When I try to caliberate my speakers using VE and SPL meter, what is my ref level?. I can't set all speakers to 0 and when the pink noise comes out of the left channel and raise the master volume to 75, I cant do it because my master volume goes from -79 to +15 and when I raise the master volume to try to get to 75 db on the left channel I can't because when I get to +15 the SPL meter only reaches like 65 db's, so what would my ref level be then, would it be 0. Can someone help. Thanks
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    If you can't turn up the gain on your receiver high enough to get a 75dB output from one of your speakers, that usually means that your receiver simply isn't powerful enough for those speakers. You might want to consider getting more efficient speakers or a more powerful receiver or external amplifier. Another possibility is that there's something wrong with your SPL meter.
    One reason to calibrate your home theater system is so that the same signal on each of the channels will produce the same sound level at your listening position. I'd suggest setting the volume knob to 0 and adjusting the individual gains so they all match the center speaker's SPL, whatever that level is.
    I hope this helps a little.
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    Scott, you need to adjust individual speaker levels, not the volume, as Seldon said. Set the receiver to "0" and use the speaker levels separately via the setup menu. Hook up your receiver's video output to your TV and use the OSD menu, which is the only way to do this, as far as I know, with the x200 line.
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