3D Another Look at Dolby Glasses Free Display (February 2014)

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    In "Dial M for Murder" Hitchcock wanted to give the audience the impression of watching a play and unfortunately he succeeded.
    Although there's some entertainment to be had watching Ray Milland and co. dodging behind the pot plants, bottles and floor lamps, it's a very dull movie with some very hammy performances. For some reason Hitchcock wanted Grace Kelly to appear to be on tranquilisers fromabout halfway through and he also succeeded in this, making her even more wooden than usual.
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    Well, that should answer the question regarding whether or not existing formats can coexist with this implementation of auto-stereoscopic. I questioned the technology already, but that just drives the final nail in the deal. What am I to do with all my classic 3D movies? Have this TV reinterpret the offs-screen effects so they appear behind the frame? El stupido. . .

    I too have been frustrated by dwindling support for 3D. Another concern is how much longer will they continue to make 3D sets compatible with my existing library of 3D titles?

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