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    Thought someone might get a kick out of this conversation...This just happened about a half hour ago.
    epiphanynj: ok you have to take the test
    epiphanynj: Wide Screen
    epiphanynj: or Full Frame
    : dude, no clue
    : what does that mean
    epiphanynj: do you know the difference
    : nope
    epiphanynj: you familiar with the term letterbox
    : I need to be schooled
    : no clue
    : help me out brutha
    : explain to me
    epiphanynj: ok
    epiphanynj: when you watch a movie
    : ok
    epiphanynj: do you know how sometimes you get those black bars at the top and bottom of the screen
    : yeah
    : like in the theatre
    epiphanynj: do you know why those are there
    : nope
    epiphanynj: ahhhh
    epiphanynj: ok
    : I just thought it was ti simulate theatre
    epiphanynj: somewhat
    : can you get rid of them
    : cause I don't really like them
    epiphanynj: ACK
    epiphanynj: dont say that!
    epiphanynj: blasphemist!
    epiphanynj: (Link:
    epiphanynj: read that
    epiphanynj: or at least skim through it
    epiphanynj: itll make you understand
    epiphanynj: are you reading?
    : why get huge tv so that you can black out the top and bottoms of it
    : I am going to right now
    epiphanynj: there is a reason those bars are there though
    epiphanynj: if they werent there youd be missing A LOT of the movie action
    : really
    : how
    : ok, let me read
    epiphanynj: go for it
    epiphanynj: let me know your opinions
    epiphanynj: absorb my brother
    : absorbing
    : ok ok
    epiphanynj: ya with me?
    : you got me convinced
    epiphanynj: understand?
    : I need to read the end of this here thingy
    epiphanynj: did you see the examples
    : yeah
    : I am looking at the animated re-rendering stuff
    That was rather easy actually...I just sold him my rp-56 and am going to help him with setting up a home theater...Cant wait...And I owe this all to you guys for teaching me over the last few years [​IMG]
  2. Joshua Clinard

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    Joshua Clinard
    Great story! I convinced someone over AIM a few months ago using the widescreen-o-rama too. Now she is waitng for ws movies that haven't even came out yet. She REALLY wants Sleeping Beauty in ws. She is only 14 years old.
  3. WoodyH

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    Congrats on the convert! [​IMG] Always good to hear.
  4. Dave Poehlman

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    Mar 8, 2000
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    Thats a good site for educating the public.. I will forward it to all I know.

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