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    Apr 15, 2002
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    I have an HK AVR-510 and currently I'm using a Rotel RMB-1066 (60w x 6) to power my main L/R and center speakers. While the center (Aegis Center) is powered by 2 bridged channels, the main L/R (Aegis 3's) are bi-amped with a pair of channels each connected to HF and LF binding posts.

    Now I want to use the HK 510 to power either the HF or LF of my main speakers so that I can use the 2 channels from the RMB-1066 either to power the surrounds or the rear center (with one channel) that I'm planning to add with my old DPL receiver.

    My questions are: do I use the HK 510 to power the HF (highs, mids) or LF (lows)of my Aegis 3's? Or do I just leave my current set-up as it is?

    Your comments are greatly appreciated.

  2. Paul Clarke

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    Jan 29, 2002
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    Good question. I fiddled with my 510/855A setup in the same manner. Using the 510 for the highs gave virtually no
    difference to the sound. As you might agree, H/K is not exactly Bass light nor Treble heavy. Running just the highs for the Mains and Center from the 510 and all lows from the Parasound gave a comparable result as running all of it from the 855A. The Bass definitely belongs with the amp but the Treble sourcing differential was almost negligible in my setup.

    If you like the current sound coming from your setup, why don't you use the 510 for the surrounds?

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