Another 717 question--Dolby, THX, Neo 6?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Bruce White, Apr 5, 2013.

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    I did the 2EQ speaker calibration tonight and it all sounds great.

    I have a question, though, about all the different audio formats the TX-NR717 can do. With my old receiver, if a DVD allowed the choice of Dolby or DTS, the receiver would automatically change according to what I selected. It seems like in all the test discs I've run so far, the 717 is always on Dolby. Will it change automatically or do I need to set something.

    Also, what does the THX mode do for me? How do people use that?

    Thanks again!

    So far, I'm loving this receiver!

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    I would think it should play whatever the BR player sends to it but the receiver might be setup to play a specific surround mode for that particular input. I think most newer receivers allow you to select a sperate surround mode for each input if you prefer (stereo for the cd input, dts for the bluray input, etc) but my most current receiver at the moment is a 3 year old marantz. New receivers have a dizzying amount of choices and selections.

    I think the THX modes are similar to Dolby ProLogicII and DTS Neo:6. It seems like most people ignore it but I guess it"s a personnal choice thing. I use DTS Neo:6 when I want to change a stereo program to 5.1.
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    In your Setup Menu...

    You can change the sound mode "presets"...

    a. Can be done input specific
    b. Can be done sound mode specific.

    If you set your DVD/BD input for DTS, instead of the default DD, it will look for DTS first...then play DD if DTS is not found.

    Also, depending on what DVD/BD player you have, you can set it for DTS first, DD second...accomplishes the same thing.

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