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    I hate my new region-free player... it MADE me buy the R2 Michael Palin Complete Travelogues DVD set and is currently making me eye the new Austrailian Astro Boy Deluxe Collection Tin. Oh well, savings for you! ^_^;;

    All titles are Region 1 and MINT unless otherwise noted.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm SEASON 1 - $20 SHIPPED
    South Park Season 1 - $20 SHIPPED
    South Park Season 2 - $20 SHIPPED (take both for $37 SHIPPED)

    Angelic Layer v.1 (w/ box) $15 SHIPPED
    Boogiepop Phantom ULTRA LIMITED EDITION - $50 SHIPPED (slight dent on top of box)
    Genesis Climber Mospeada - $25 SHIPPED
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex v.1 (w/ CD) - $25 SHIPPED
    Heat Guy J v.1 + v.2 + box + supplemental disc - $22 SHIPPED
    Macross Plus v.1 + v.2 - $
    Magical Shopping District Abenobashi (w/ box) $15 SHIPPED
    Magic Knight Rayearth SEASONS 1 + 2 (12 DISCS) - $130 SHIPPED
    Steel Angel Kurumi COMPLETE COLLECTION (7 discs) - $28 SHIPPED
    Vandread (v.1-v.4 + v.1 of the 2nd Stage + box [box has slight tear on spine, but not noticeable... as received]) - $80 SHIPPED
    Witch Hunter Robin v.1 (w/ box) - $15 SHIPPED

    Battle Royale 2 (REGION 3, 2 Disc, English Subtitled) - $10 SHIPPED
    Dances with Wolves DTS (Full Bitrate DTS! OOP) - $35 SHIPPED (slightly worn box, 2 discs)
    Dawn of the Dead (2003): Unrated Version - $14 SHIPPED
    Mean Girls - $14 SHIPPED
    R2D2: Beneath the Dome - $4 SHIPPED
    Zombi 2 (2-Disc Special Edition) - $15 SHIPPED

    Probably be adding a few more titles later in the day. I accept PayPal (Premiere member), eBAY feedback can be found under "roblutter" (+43, 100% positive). Shipping is via USPS First Class Mail (ask about international shipping, which I will charge the actual shipping charge for). Probably be putting these up on eBAY in a week's time, so hurry while they last! [​IMG]

    And remember, as always, EVERYTHING IS NEGOCIABLE, ESPECIALLY if buying multiple titles!! [​IMG]

    Post inquiries here or send me an email at [email protected]
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    Nov 3, 2000
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    List updated

    Twelve Kingdoms and Texhnolyze... SOLD!

    Added a few new titles...

    Remember, all prices are NEGOCIABLE! Send me an offer! Cmon, I just made a big order at DDDhouse, I need some $$$ [​IMG]

    I'll also trade for LEGIT Hong Kong and Japanese live-action movies. I'm Region-Free, but I'd like to have english subtitles if possible.

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