Animated shorts on DVD: where to start?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Jack Ferry, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Jack Ferry
    It's time to finally add some animation to my DVD rack. But which disk or set?
    Here's my parameters: I'm looking for a good, relatively inexpensive disk or collection of theatrical cartoons. I'm not real fond of Disney, but I love Warner's and early innovators like Max Fleisher. Ideally the disk or collection will have excellent animation, good production values and disk transfer, and will impress my guests if I show it in my HT. I'd prefer a package that I can add to later. (In other words, if I later decide I must have every Warner's release, I won't need to get a new set that duplicates half of what is in this set.) Bonus points if the disk or collection includes banned toons or WWII propaganda.
    Any suggestions?
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    Brandon Conway
    Looney Tunes Golden Collections (1-3 now available)
    Walt Disney Treasures (Most OOP due to limited number)

    However, if you want WW2 shorts, try to track down the WDT: On the Front Lines set.
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    Here are a few you should look into: , who released the Forgotten Films of Fatty Arbuckle, have teamed up with Thunderbean Animation to release on DVD some titles previously available only through amazon's marketplace as well as some new titles. On December 13th they will rerelease:

    Attack of the 30 Characters:

    VCI has recently rereleased an updated version of their Max Fleischer's Color Classics called Somewhere in Dreamland, it contains:

    Poor Cinderella (8-3-1934)
    Little Dutch Mill (10-26-1934)
    An Elephant Never Forgets (12-28-1934)
    Song of the Birds (3-1-1935)
    Dancing on the Moon (7-12-1935)
    Somewhere in Dreamland (1-17-1936)
    The Little Stranger (3-13-1936)
    The Cobweb Hotel (5-15-1936)
    Greedy Humpty Dumpty (7-10-1936)
    Hawaiian Birds (8-26-1936)
    Play Safe (10-16-1936)
    Christmas Comes but Once a Year (12-4-1936)
    Bunny Mooning (2-12-1937)
    Chicken Ala King (4-16-1937)
    A Car-tune Portrait (6-26-1937)
    Peeping Penguins (8-26-1937)
    Educated Fish (10-29-1937)
    Little Lamby (12-31-1937)
    Hold It! (4-29-1938)
    Hunky & Spunky (6-24-1938)
    All's Fair at the Fair (8-26-1938)
    The Playful Polar Bears (10-28-1938)
    Always Kickin' (1-26-1939)
    Small Fry (4-21-1939)
    Barnyard Brat (6-30-1939)
    Fresh Vegatable Mystery (9-29-1939)
    Little Lambkins (2-2-1940)
    Ants in the Plants (3-15-1940)
    A Kick in Time (5-17-1940)
    Snubbed by a Snob (7-19-1940)
    You Can't Shoe a Horsefly (8-23-1940)
    The Kids in the Show (5-19-1935)
    Time for Love (9-6-1935)
    Musical Memories (11-8-1935)
    Vitamin Hay (8-22-1941)

    Also seek out the Cartoons That Time Forgot series:

    Cartoons That Time Forgot: From the Van Beuren Studio:

    Molly Moo Cow and the Butterflies (1935)
    Bold King Cole (1936)
    It's a Greek Life (1936)
    Molly Moo Cow and the Indians (1935)
    The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg (1936)
    Toonerville Trolley (1936)
    Cupid Gets His Man (1936)
    Molly Moo Cow and Robinson Crusoe (1936)
    A Waif's Welcome (1936)
    Trolley Ahoy (1936)
    Opening Night (1933)
    In a Cartoon Studio (1931)
    The Tuba Tooter (1932)
    Candy Town (1932)
    The Sunshine Makers (1935)
    Piano Tooners (1932)
    Molly Moo Cow and the Rip Van Wrinkle (1935)
    Wot a Night (1931)
    Neptune Nonsense (1936)
    Christmas Night (1933)
    Toonerville Picnic (1936)

    Cartoons That Time Forgot: The Ub Iwerks Collection Vol. 1:

    Fiddlesticks (8-16-1930)
    The Soup Song (1-31-1931)
    The Little Red Hen (2-16-1934)
    The Village Smitty (1-31-1931)
    Mary's Little Lamb (5-1-1935)
    The Village Barber (9-27-1930)
    Old Mother Hubbard (4-3-1935)
    Humpty Dumpty (12-30-1935)
    The Brementown Musicians (3-6-1935)
    Summertime (6-15-1935)
    The Music Lesson (10-29-1932)
    Puddle Pranks (12-1930)
    Good Scout (9-1-1934)
    Happy Days (9-30-1936)
    The Air Race (1933)
    Tom Thumb (3-30-1936)
    Insultin' The Sultan (4-14-1934)
    Sinbad The Sailor (6-30-1935)
    Rasslin' Round (6-1-1934)
    Ali Baba (1-30-1936)
    Viva Willie (9-20-1934)
    Don Quixote (11-26-1934)
    Aladdin And The Wonderful Lamp (8-10-1934)
    Jack And The Beanstalk (11-30-1933)
    The Brave Tin Soldier (4-7-1934)
    Puss In Boots (5-17-1934)
    Little Boy Blue (7-30-1936)
    The Queen Of Hearts (6-25-1936)
    Simple Simon (11-15-1935)
    The Valiant Tailor (10-29-1934)
    The Three Bears (8-30-1935)
    Dick Whittington's Cat (5-30-1936)

    Cartoons That Time Forgot: The Ub Iwerks Collection Vol. 2:

    Nurse Maid (11-26-1932)
    Room Runners (8-13-1932)
    The Office Boy (7-16-1932)
    The Milkman (2-20-1932)
    The New Car (7-25-1931)
    Ragtime Romeo (5-2-1931)
    What A Life (3-26-1932)
    The Bully (6-18-1932)
    Funny Face (12-24-1932)
    Movie Mad (8-29-1931)
    The Cuckoo Murder Case (10-18-1930)
    Stratos Fear (11-11-1933)
    Jack Frost (12-24-1934)
    Chinaman's Chance (6-24-1933)
    Masquerade Holiday (aka Hell's Fire) (2-17-1934)
    Techno-Cracked (5-8-1933)
    Soda Squirt (10-12-1933)
    The Headless Horseman (10-1-1931)
    Spooks (12-21-1931)
    Balloonland (9-30-1935)
    Laughing Gas (3-14-1931)
    Circus (8-27-1932)
    Stormy Seas (8-22-1932)
    Coo Coo The Magician (1-21-1933)
    School Days (5-14-1932)
    The Goal Rush (10-3-1932)

    Ray Pointer has done an excellent job with some classic silent and early talkie cartoons, presented in a documentary style, between shorts you will hear some historical information. These are some of the Inkwell Images releases:

    Max Fleischer's Famous OUT of the Inkwell Bonus Edition:

    The Tantalizing Fly (1919)
    The Chinaman (1920)
    The Ouija Board (1920)
    The Clown's Little Brother (1920)
    Perpetual Motion (1920)
    The Automobile Ride (1921)
    The Modeling (1921)
    Fishing (1921)
    Invisible Ink (1921)
    Bubbles (1922)
    Flies (1922)
    Jumping Beans (1922)
    Bed Time (1923)
    The Puzzle (1923)
    Koko In 1999 (1927)
    Koko the Barber (1925)
    Big Chief Koko (1925)
    Koko Nuts (1925)
    Koko Baffles the Bulls (1926)
    Koko Trains 'Em (1925)
    Koko Back Tracks (1927)
    It's the Cats (1926)
    False Alarm (1923)
    A Trip to Mars (1924)
    Mother Gooseland (1924)
    The Cartoon Factory (1924)
    Koko the Convict (1926)
    Koko Needles the Boss (1927)
    Vaudeville (1924)

    Max Fleischer's Ko-Ko Song Car-tunes:

    Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? (1926)
    Comin’ Thro’ The Rye (1926)
    When That Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam’ (1926)
    My Old Kentucky Home (Short) (1925)
    Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, The Boy’s Are Marching! (1926)
    By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (1927)

    Mutt and Jeff: The Original Animated Odd Couple:

    Flapjacks (1917)
    Cramps (1916)
    Where Am I? (1925)
    The Big Swim (1925)
    Dog Gone (1926)
    A Kick For Cinderella (1926)
    Where Am I? 1930 sound color version)
    The Globe Trotters (1927 black and white version)
    The Globe Trotters (1930 sound color version)
    Westward Whoa! (original 1926 black and white version with 1930 soundtrack.)
    Westward Whoa! (1930 sound color version.)
    Slick Sleuths (original 1926 black and white version with 1930 soundtrack)
    Slick Sleuths (1930 sound color version.)
    Lots of Water (1925)

    George Herriman's Kinomatic Krazy Kat Kartoon Klassics:

    Krazy Kat Goes a Wooing (1916)
    The Bugologist (1916)
    Krazy Kat - Invalid (1916)
    A Tale that Is Knot ( 1916)
    The Great Cheese Robbery (1920)
    The Best Mouse Loses (1920)
    A Family Affair (1920)
    The Awful Spook (1921)
    Bokays and Brickbatz (1925)
    Making Good

    Before Walt:

    The Chinaman (1920)
    Fishing (1921)
    Mother Gooseland (1924)
    Animal Olympics (1924)
    Felix All Puzzled (1925)
    Puss in Boots (1922)
    Alice Chops the Suey (1925)
    Alice Solves the Puzzle (1925)

    Alice in Cartoonland:

    Alice the Toreador (1925)
    Alice's Egg Plant (1925)
    Alice Rattled by Rats (1926)
    Alice in the Jungle (1925)
    Alice on the Farm (1926)
    Alice's Orphan (1926)
    Alice the Whaler (1927)
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    Wow. Thanks Tory. That's quite a post!
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    (me too!)

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