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Geoff C

Apr 23, 2003
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Hi all, new to the forum.

I was reading the lastests DVD Etc. subwoofer review, and thought that the Angstrom TENi sub would work well with my living room I'm remodeling. Good aesthetics, small size, and decent review for sound.

So I looked into the rest of the Modular series by Angstrom, and thought that their 3's or 4's would work well both musically and aesthetically with my design and budget. I'm in a tight spot because as much as I love good quality sound, I'm also an architect and am designing the finishes of this room to all match. The maple cabs with tweed screens offered would work well.

The couple reviews that the Angstrom website leads you to speak highly of their price-to-sound ratio, but that is the only mention I can find of Angstrom anywhere on the net, including here, so I end up being skeptical of their quality/sound. I've only found one local dealer here in SoCal that might have them, and he wasn't to helpful over the phone.

I've also considered the MK 850 series in maple, but after reading a review, they seem to be too much for HT, and I'd rather have a musically oriented system. B&W makes some (maple cabs), but they aren't supposed to sound that great at that level.

So, have any of you heard or seen these Angstrom's? Or do you have any other suggestions for clean looking and sounding speakers around the same price? I'm looking for 'larger bookshelf' speakers, not full size floor standing.


David Lorenzo

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 12, 2002
I saw and heard Angstrom speakers at the last CES show here in Vegas. I listened to 1 Diana Krall song and they did sound good, but I don't listen to Diana Krall and so I was completely unfamiliar with the source material. Their dealer network is almost non existant so it's gonna be hard finding a lot of reviews. They looked great though.

I don't know your budget, but I would suggest a pair of A/V-1's built by Brian from Link Removed. They come in maple and he might be able to make a custom colored grille if you ask him. They are around $750. Click on GR Research on the left side and check out the picture of the A/V-1+'s with the matching stands. Beautiful. They can be veneered with any wood you choose to match the speakers. Good luck.

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