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Andromeda vol. 2.2 REVIEW (1 Viewer)

Dave Molinarolo

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 25, 2002
Received my copy of Andromeda vol. 2.2 on Monday 6/2, one day before street-date, while on my day off. This volume contains 4 episodes as opposed to the 5 that vol. 1.2 did. However I took the liberty of watching all 4 episodes and the extras.

The episodes are quite good. The two on the first disc are quite entertaining, with the first containing some excellent character work by "Rommie" played by Lexa Doig. We get to see Rommie perform some "Carrie-Ann Moss - Matrix-style" hand to hand fighting complete with long leather trenchcoat. Very entertaining scene near the end of the episode.

The episodes on the second disc are pretty good with one dealing with a long-lost Commonwealth planet that has relatives of the surviving crew of the Andromeda from 300 years in the past including a infamous Nitchean.

What I found most intriguing was four, count'em FOUR behind-the-scenes documentaries (two on each disc) including one by series executive producer Allen Eastman that lasts for a good 22-23 minutes. Very informative as the guy talks continuously through-out.

The video transfer I must add doesn't quite seem to be as clean as volume 2.1. Seems to be slightly more grainy, but just slightly...but still a very good 16x9 anamorphic transfer.

The sound is quite good for a 2.0 soundtrack. Even with my receiver set at "normal" (rather than "phantom"/pro-logic)with the center channel engaged, the sound is quite strong with good bass effects and surround effects.

If you're an Andromeda fan, I highly recommend these DVD sets. The widescreen 16x9 presentation of these episodes is just awesome and the 2.0 soundtracks really give this series some hitting power. Just ashame that ADV films have the rights to this series by releasing just 4-5 episodes for a SMRP of $40. I get mine through DDD for just $24.

Joel C

Oct 23, 1999
I must say, though I'm not a huge fan of Andromeda, the DVDs are great. Nice to see some worthwhile extras are included with the next volume.

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