And you thought (hoped) colorization was dead....

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Steve Phillips, Dec 18, 2003.

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    Fox has just released a box set of colorized Shirley Temple movies (including Heidi). When they sent over a review copy, they neglected to include Heidi, so I've no idea whether Legend's new colorization was used (I doubt it). The other pictures in the set I was able to look at were Captain January, The Stowaway, Poor Little Rich Girl and Our Little Girl. Our Little Girl had a title card at the tail end that said the colorized version was copyright 1986, and all the films carried a logo for Color Systems Technology which inclined me to think they'd all been colorized at the same time for a VHS release. I have to say, with the exception of OLG, the other three pictures don't look quite as vile as the "before" clip of Heidi over on Legend's site. I was quite impressed with the hike in resolution and the general look of the new colorization.

    Personally I'm quite ambivalent about the use of colorization - as long as there is the original monochrome image available and in as best-restored state as possible.

    With regards the Doctor Who restorations, unfortunately I and a good number of other well-wishers have been informed in no uncertain terms that the Restoration Team are a completely unfunded band of fans who happen to work at the BBC and do these restorations to prove technology to the Corporation. They are seldom, if ever, in fact make that never given money to do restoration work beyond what they can do with the equipment the BBC has and only then during the equipment's down time. BBC Worldwide pays for the basic tidy-ups and extras, but anything like colorization is completely out of the question. Try reading the FAQ on the Restoration Team's Technical Forum and you realise to what extent their hands are tied about doing anything really constructive beyond the work the BBC pays them to do.

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