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And much to my surprize I was on the DVD........... (1 Viewer)

Howie A

Second Unit
Dec 22, 2002
Believe it or not this post is more to here about every ones cool finds, not just so I can rant about me. So share.

I went to the more recent Woodstock in ROME NY and much to my surprise I was on the DVD.
The camera comes right on me and my buddy and zooms in on our sign.
It was really cool when I first noticed it. Our group lost a friend and we "borrowed" some supplies
from the area were they held the paints for the murals, so we created a sign.
It said "OK PETER!!" oh and I think it might have also said "show us your tits."
Which was very original I must add. I guess we figured if we were going to
walk around with a sign looking for Pete why not let the sign work for us.
The scene is during the Rusted Root performance.


Stunt Coordinator
Feb 8, 2001
Not related to a DVD find, but a find in any case. Many, many moons ago, as a paper-boy on foot doing my morning delivery route, I found half of a $20 bill as I kicked through the leaves that collected on the side of the road. Scanned the immediate area looking for the other half and couldn't find it. Not sure why I held onto as it was worhtless as is. A block-and-a-half away, I found the other half. :)


David Von Pein

Senior HTF Member
Feb 4, 2002
Did that bill have a picture of an old dude on it?
Oh yeah...it had B. Mustin on it! ...... :)

An old couple was sitting in the waiting room of the doctor's office when the nurse came out and said, "Mr. Jones, the doctor told me that he needs you to give a urine sample, a stool sample and a sperm sample before he examines you."

The old man looked up at the nurse, cupped his right ear and said, "What did you say?"

The nurse came a little closer and said very loudly, "We're going to need you to give a urine sample, a stool sample and a sperm sample, Mr. Jones."

The old man leaned forward and said, "What did you say, young lady?", then turning to his wife next to him he shouted, "what'd she say?"

His wife leaned over and shouted in his ear, "She said she wants your shorts!"



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Dec 15, 2001
Real Name
Back to the original topic...:)

I'm going to be performing two concerts with A.R. Rahman as part of the Miami University Collegiate Chorale/Global Rhythms Ensemble. One is tomorrow night at Eastern Michigan University, and one Saturday night in Nassau Coliseum (home of the NHL's New York Islanders). If you know Bollywood, you (should) know who Rahman is; IIRC, he's the biggest composer for Bollywood scores, writing an average of 10 a year. I'm really pumped for both concerts, but for the one at Nassau...MAN. Sony is going to have 8 cameras set up to film the concert to be released on DVD. My sister, a violinist, was invited to perform at the Nassau concert as well but I haven't been able to get word from her if she is able to go. If we're both on the DVD...MAN OH MAN OH MAN. :D I know things might get cut for the DVD, but I'm really hoping for the best.

Howie A

Second Unit
Dec 22, 2002
Wow! Tom that is GREAT. Good Luck. And as they say in the business, "Break a leg.." :D

Mark Shannon

May 27, 2002
My video production class teacher is an extra In Xmen...he's one of hte president's bodyguards in the speech scene...he walks just behind the president for a cople seconds...

RodC, sorry to steal your thunder...but..

while doing my paper route on a sunday morning, I found a crisp $100 bill...that's right...a $100 bill...and no, it wasn't counterfeit either...

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