Anchor Bay's Road Games DVD: Good stuff!

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Scott Weinberg, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. Scott Weinberg

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    Just wanted to offer some quick and well-earned praise to Anchor Bay for the superlative job they've done on Richard Franklin's Road Games (or maybe it's Roadgames; I get conflicting reports...)

    It's a horror/thriller that I've always been curious about but have always managed to avoid seeing. It's a knowingly Hitchcockian and generally very compelling little 'back roads thriller' not unlike Duel and The Hitcher and Joy Ride. I enjoyed the movie quite a lot. [​IMG]

    The transfer is absolutely great, although keep in mind that I'm hardly an authority on edge enhancement and anamorphic lenses and whatnot. But I sat here watching a semi-obscure horror flick from 1981 and I was amazed by how crisp the picture looked.

    The DVD has a 20-minute featurette on the film; director Richard Franklin and lead actor Stacy Keach contribute interview segments. There's also an audio commentary with Franklin and Anchor Bay producer Perry Martin, plus a trailer and still galleries, etc.

    I know this is hardly a well-rounded DVD 'review' but I'm just going off-the-cuff here.

    Good movie, great A/V, impressive features = Anchor Bay did a great job with this movie. Give it a spin sometime.
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    I've always enjoyed this film since I saw it several years ago on pay cable. Will definitely be checking this one out. Thanks for the heads-up and review, Scott.


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