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    On May 14th, the state of Israel celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. On May 12th, see how it all began.

    Anchor Bay Entertainment presents O Jerusalem, an epic story of the historic struggle for Jerusalem and the birth of Israel, on DVD May 12, 2009. Featuring an all-star cast including Academy Award™ nominees Sir Ian Holm (Chariots of Fire, the Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Tom Conti (Reuben, Reuben), Tovah Feldshuh (“Holocaust,” Lady in the Water), Said Taghamaoui (Traitor, the upcoming G.I. Joe movie) and J.J. Feild (K-19: The Widowmaker), O Jerusalem is the sprawling story about a friendship caught in the violent undertow of history – in the battle to forge a new country. SRP is $26.97, and pre-book is April 9th.

    Directed by Elie Chouraqui and based on historical accounts from Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre’s best-selling novel – read by over 50 million people – O Jerusalem begins on the relatively “calm” streets of New York City 1946. Jewish-American Bobby Goldman (Feild) becomes best friends with Arab-Muslim Saïd Chahine (Taghmaoui). But when British-controlled Palestine erupts in war, these two intelligent and compassionate men find themselves fighting on opposite sides of the historic battle for Jerusalem – the divided holy city whose name literally translates to ‘City Of Peace’.

    An unforgettable journey into conflict, courage, and the historic dawn of the state of Israel, the Daily Forward called O Jerusalem “Illuminating and Moving.” With unforgettable performances by Ian Holm as Israel’s first president David Ben-Gurion and Feldshuh as the legendary prime minister Golda Meir. Between war and peace, between enemies and friends, lies a place of hope -- in a city of peace…

    Street Date: May 12, 2009
    Pre-Book: April 9, 2009
    Catalog #: DV 16089
    UPC #: 0 1313 16089-9 1
    Run Time: 100 Minutes
    Rating: R
    SRP: $26.97
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    Fiftieth anniversary of what? Sixty-first maybe? May 14, 1948?

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