Anchor Bay Press Release: 3rd Rock From The Sun Season 4

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    On May 2nd, IDT Entertainment's Anchor Bay Entertainment and Carsey-Werner will blast-off with 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN: SEASON 4 on DVD for the first time. The out of this world fourth season is sure to delight those who’ve been waiting for the return of the alien family from a whacked-out world. The uniquely packaged 4 disc set (with a 16-page collectable booklet) contains all 24 uncut episodes.

    The Popular sitcom follows the kooky adventures of a strange family that includes Dick Soloman (John Lithgow), Sally Soloman (Kristen Johnston), Harry Solomon (French Stewart), Tommy Soloman (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and prickly friend Dr. Mary Albright (Jane Curtin). This season of the award-winning series brings in some big name guest stars like Kathy Bates, Laurie Metcalf and William Shatner as the all-powerful (and slightly tipsy) “Big Giant Head.”

    With episodes featuring a battle with outrageous creatures from another odd planet, an intergalactic pregnancy and even an appearance by a Neil Diamond impersonator, this is surely the wildest and funniest season yet.

    Special Features:

    Season Highlights
    Mary is Just Albright: A exclusive interview with Jane Curtin
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    Saw the set this morning on the racks.....I notice that they dropped the talking box for this set. I don't see how this boxset is 'uniquely packaged' looks like any other set out there. Definitely picking this up later today though.

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