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Graham Martin

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Apr 18, 2002
Since everyone here helped me make my TV decision, I wanted to share my great shopping experience with everyone. here is a letter I sent to the on-line vendor I purchased my set from:
I recently ordered the Philips 64" TV (64PP9751) from you. You were selling a great set at less than half price! (http://www.dmartstores.com/phil6464widr.html)
I just wanted to let you know that my purchasing experience with your entire team was nothing less than world-class! I was skeptical about making such a significant purchase on-line. I made many posts to Link Removed asking about on-line purchase experiences and got mix reviews. However, when I researched your competitors, I found that while they had lower prices (up to $400.00 cheaper) they had much more restrictive return policies and practically no customer service, much less a toll free number.
I called your number prior to making my final decision and I spoke with Joey. He was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions. He even mentioned that when I decided, he could take my order over the phone if I didn't want to use the web interface. Much more at ease, I decided I would still want to think about it. After a little more research of local vendors, I found that no-one in a “bricks and mortar” store could come close to your price. Also, it was worth paying 10% more than other on-line merchants for the quality service I believed that I would get from your organization.
I called back and spoke with Joey again to place my order. He told me it could take up to a week to get the delivery, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got a call in two days to arrange for delivery. (Joey set my expectations at a week and then you exceeded those expectations. Another great way to make satisfied customers! Much better than setting high expectations and falling short.) The delivery people asked all the right questions; “Is there access to the basement directly?” “Are there sliding glass doors?” “How wide are the doorways?” “Are there any turns on the stairs?” etc…
Patrick and another gentleman delivered my set the next day and took great care to get the set to my house and into a basement where the doorway was a tight fit for such a monster of a set! They were both extremely friendly and considerate and I would recommended them to anyone for substantial and important deliveries such as this.
Thank you for your great service and delivery of what was promised. I am now able to continue on with my Home Theater obsession ...er ... "hobby" with no worries! I will be glad to lend my testimonial anywhere you would like to use it.
Graham Martin


Nov 21, 2001

What strikes me as being nice about your post is not only the great service you received, but that you took the time to note such exemplary service in a letter to the company. I really believe that if more put forth such effort, companies would tend to respond in kind. I'll bet Joey will go home with not only a huge smile on his face, but with a sense of supreme satisfaction in a job very well done.

As far as the company goes, my dad told me this weekend over the phone that he felt he needed a new TV. I thought me and the family might surprise him by bringing one down with us in our next visit to his home. I'll definitely keep in mind your referenced company and could well end up buying a set from them.

Thanks for the tip and thanks for being a gentleman.

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