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An open letter of thanks to all studios (except Warner). (1 Viewer)

Inspector Hammer!

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Mar 15, 1999
Houston, Texas
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John Williamson
I don't know about any of you, but the events of the past week or two have been an emotional rollercoaster ride, and i'm exhausted! The stupidity at Warner has made me really appreciate the great product we get from all the other studios, and has been a tremeandous sourse of comfort to me. I needed only glance up at my collection, 166 and counting, at a movie like T2 UE or the Die Hard trilogy and think that maybe we'll be o.k., and that maybe Warner is just some freak studio doing some outlandish stuff.
So, if you would, please take a moment and give thanks to those that still care about us. In fact, if you want to go one better, I would recommend that every one who sees this thread, personally e-mail each of the studios and just say thanks, i'll be doing that later on today. It would just be a nice gesture, and a good way of letting them know that OAR on dvd is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE. Thanks.
To Universal, Paramount, Fox, Columbia Tri-Star, Disney (and all their sub-studios), MGM, Dreamworks, Criterion, Anchor Bay, HBO Home Video, Rhino, Artisan, and New Line (even though your owned by Warner, you havn't does us wrong yet), I extend a sincear and heartfelt vote of THANKS to you all for continuing to produce outstanding product for all of us dvd lovers both here, and overseas. Your respect for the artistry of film will continue to be greatly rewarded by our continued support. I sincerily hope that your not swayed by the unfortunate goings on at Warner, they are now a misguided orginization that are quickly losing touch with what we dvd fans have come to cherish more than anything, the art of film in it's proper original aspect ratio.
So, in closing, I say again, Thank You all very much for providing comfort to us during this very stressful and trying week. If OAR at home on dvd is no more, it will be a very dark day for home video indeed, and one witch will end my love of collecting movies forever. That is a terrifying thought. Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work everyone!
If i've left anyone out of my studio list, I apologize, but as long as your not Warner Bros., your cool!
Listen to the bells fellow members, for it tolls for us.
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Nate Anderson

Jan 18, 2001
What about Criterion? They never do wrong!!! All the above listed are cool in my book too...although MGM is on probation, for previous shoddy releases.
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Wes Ray

Supporting Actor
May 11, 2001
Thank you New Line, for great Platinum edition DVDs like Dark City, Magnolia, and the Nightmare On Elm Street series. Just get out from under Warner's grasp and start using plastic keepcases instead of flimsy cardboard snapper cases. Your Infini-film series is a big step in the right direction. Now, how about a re-release of Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness? :)
Thank you Columbia Tri-Star, for great feature-laiden special editions, like Ghostbusters and Glory. You're currently among my favorite studios producing DVDs at the moment. You just need to reach further into your catalog for some forgotten titles (Monster Squad and Happy Birthday to Me being the most requested).
Thank you Dreamworks, for...well, Gladiator.
Thank you Fox, for releasing great, jam-packed special editions of lesser-known cult movies like Big Trouble in Little China and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hopefully, we can get you to release Terror Train sometime soon.
Thank you Anchor Bay, for all your great, rare Argento, Fulci, and Bava titles. Uncut horror truly has a welcome home at Anchor Bay. Also, major thanks for The Black Hole (a limited edition tin, loaded with special features, version someday maybe?)
Thank you Universal, for the single greatest DVD in my whole collection...John Carpenter's The Thing Collector's Edition. Some studios are wasteful (and therefore, expensive) by placing an edition as packed as this on two discs, but you were able to place everything on one great disc. Impressive, in my book.
Thank you Artisan, for releasing decent DVDs at great prices (like Young Guns and The Blair Witch Project). And of course, thanks for the T2: Ultimate Edition and the future releases of Basic Instinct and Total Recall.
Thank you Miramax/Dimension/Disney, for great special editions of some of your best titles (like Unbreakable, From Dusk Till Dawn, and the upcoming TRON special edition.
Thank you Criterion, for the great editions of Robocop, The Seven Samurai, Carnival of Souls, and Silence of the Lambs. You are a great company.
Thank you MGM, for having the guts to release horror films uncut and unrated horror films like the directors intended (like Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions.) I hope you continue this trend in the future with great uncut/unrated special editions of The Fog, The Burning, and Last House on the Left.
I can only give Paramount half of a thanks, and that is for the great audio and visual representations that their DVDs always have. Their DVDs are getting better, as far as extra features go, but they really need to take a page out of MGM's book and start releasing their older horror and slasher films (of which they have some of the most impressive of any current studio catalogue) uncut and unrated. Hopefully, with all the requests from consumers for uncut horror, and the non-existent political pressure regarding releasing uncut 80's slasher movies, Paramount might loosen up and release Friday the 13th Part VII, The Keep, Four Flies on Grey Velvet, and My Bloody Valentine as their directors intended them to be seen. Otherwise, you're a great DVD-producing studio, and I'm definitely going to pick up The Godfather Trilogy this October as well as the Crocodile Dundee Trilogy in September (for those who think I'm just a horror fan).

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Stunt Coordinator
Dec 26, 1998
I would remove New Line from this list. With these new Infiny film dics they really got down the list. They removed all language support and have no subtitles at all in any languages (not even English subtitles which is very important). New Line is a disgrace to the DVD community in my opinion.
Ron Birk

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