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Discussion in 'Apple' started by DaveF, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Since losing some irreplaceable photos (from a vacation with my dad in '06) from a hard drive crash a couple years ago, I've been thinking more about backup solutions. Time Machine is a godsend for me. But now I'm anxious about an offsite or online service that's both useful and affordable. My wife uses .mac, but I don't subscribe to that service. I looked at Jungle Disk with Amazon S3, but it would be too expensive for my needs.

    But I've just found an online service called Mozy -- they're not new but their Mac software is recently revised. Mozy has a free version with a 2GB capacity. That's enough for all my personal data -- and to see if it's worthwhile to pay $5/mo to have enough space to hold all my photos, etc. Reviews of the service are positive; it seems one of the best for price and ease of use. And your data is supposed to all be encrypted and protected.

    My initial experience is good. It was trivial to set up and the backup program uploaded my 750MB of data overnight. And logging in from a work computer, I see all my files in the online recovery tool. So it looks easy to recover lost / corrupted files.

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    Dave, You might check with Ron. Even though you are an established member, this might be against rules.

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