An Introduction, and a few questions, including one about Bose

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  1. Wayne Cook

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    Dec 9, 2001
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    Hello from Canada
    I found this site about three weeks ago and thought it was finally time to take a deep breath and jump in the water.
    I an currently starting to put together a HT setup, more about that in future posts, but my question really pertains to my old equipment.
    I have a Crown D150 power amp, Crown IC150 pre-amp and a pair of Bose 901 series II speakers. Everything is in excellent condition, considering over twenty years of use.
    Even if possible I don't want to incorporate them into a Home Theatre setup. When I was younger the idea of tons of boxes with yards of cable running all over the floor appealed to me [​IMG]. No longer. Also we are going to be downsizing our house so the Crown/Bose must go. I want to start with fresh equipment.
    Is there a market for older equipment like this? Any ideas on what this would be worth? Any ideas where I can find out?
    As I've had it for so long I'd like to think that it would go to someone who would enjoy it.
    btw in the three weeks I have been here I have learned that anything "Bose" in the title usually gets a lot of interest [​IMG]
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    May 29, 1999
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    Wayne: The best place to get ideas on things like yours is good old e-bay. I haven't looked for Crown gear there but I'm sure that there are some out there that would love a functioning, good condition 2 channel Crown setup.
    So we couldn't slip the distaste for Bose by you huh? [​IMG]
    Well, as you begin shopping for your new setup, I think you'll find that while Bose is certainly not the worst sounding out there, they seldom represent good value (the quality of sound in exchange for the dollars invested.)
    The question still remains. Where can you sell your 901's? Again, online auction sites, such as e-bay, are your best bet. For many reasons (the biggest perhaps being the lack of knowledge of other better alternatives) Bose sells pretty well at these sites.

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