An interesting story (lurid, scandalous, and true)-- Somewhat long

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    Ok... this one is kind interesting:

    My girlfriend, few years ago, decided she wanted to buy a pair of Doc Martin leather boots. Because she's sort of a "back to the earth" hippie kid- she really likes to support local commerce- and will do her very best to shop at ma & pop type stores if one is available.

    So, in her pursuit of boots- she decided to pay a visit to a locally owned shoe store that carried Doc Martin boots.

    The salesman, who she described as a "Jason Mewes type"-- tall, lanky, 20-something in a hockey jersey... was nice enough and helped her find some boots. But near the end of the transaction he got a little flirty with her, and kinda asked her what she was doing later- and all that jazz. For my GF, this a bit of an oddity- she kinda purposefully presents herself in a rather plain way, and so unwanted advances from strange guys are usually a non-issue.

    Anyway- though his flirting didn't really go beyond anything proper (he did say a few things that she took to be a bit forward)-- she was a little weirded out by the experience. Something about the guy was just super creepy, she couldn't really put her finger on it- but she got a real nasty vibe from the guy. She told the story for many years as "what she gets for trying to support local commerce".


    Flash forward - a guy is arrested coming out of a local house. He was arrested on charges of public intoxication (a neighbor had called reported he had entered a home through the window). Police searched the guy, and found several pairs of women's underwear, turned out to be stolen from the home. Police quickly discover the thief's car parked on the street, and inside they find more women's underwear. I search of his apartment turned up over 800 pairs...

    He originally claimed he was selling them to strippers (?), and later claimed he had a website where he pretended to be a woman stripper (including pics), and sold the underwear to men under the guise that they had been worn by him [her](although I dunno if that is true, the site he had previously has been taken down)...

    So, as it pretty obvious- the panty burglar was non other that my Girlfriend's favorite shoe salesman. Looks like her vibe of his creepiness was dead on.

    The guy was convicted, and sentenced to 7 years (although mostly due to a string of other related offenses). My favorite element was the character witness they called on his behalf, who never met him- but thought he was of moral character because he had been so honest in business dealings (you guessed it, their business dealings were that she sold him her worn undies on the internet)...

    Here's the story from the KSU newspaper when the guy got sentenced:

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    So, do you think the upcoming police auction will be packed by guys looking for some cheap used panties? [​IMG]
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