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  1. Tyler T

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    Oct 14, 2001
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    While I understand that rights issues for many of the movies are still a problem, I would one day love to see all eleven (including the KTMA ep's) seasons out. But, of course some season's had 24 episodes and MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000 for those who don't know) ran about 90 minutes long. Well, I came up with a plan that I would love Best Brains to hear about. Also, I'm not sure about Rhino much, so it would be nice to have the DVD's directly from Best Brains. Here is my plan (hey I can dream [​IMG]) :
    -Best Brains announces that they are going to release more MST3K episodes on DVD. But this time, they are not randomly selected episodes, but they are in order! And they start in the KTMA years!
    -Since Season Zero (or the KTMA years) had 21 episodes (plus one never shown, never completed pilot) three discs would come out each week. (Since The Green Slime, the unaired pilot, is only 60 minutes long, it may fit on the same disc with the K01, Invaders From The Deep) But, here's the catch. Since there is only one episode on each disc, it would be specally priced. If the 22 episodes were released in one big boxed set (that's 21 discs) count the price for that and then divide it by 22 and there is the price. Even though, I personally don't know how much a 21 disc set would cost, it would be acceptible if each DVD was priced between at least $7.00-$12.00.
    -So after the 21'st disc is released (remember the first disc would have two ep's) there would be a small mail card included with the last disc. This would be mailed in and then after BB gets all the orders, a package would come in the mail. This would include:
    a. A special box to fit each 21 discs (hopefully not too big!!!)
    b. A little special limited edtion thing ([​IMG])
    c. An extra disc filled with special features!!!
    I could imagine a new doc probably called The Truth About Season Zero that has new interviews with Joel and the members that were on their. Also, they could have a doc on how the robots differed from the ones we all love and know, a new interview with Josh Weinstien on playing the short lived Dr. Laurence Erhardt, plus many more.
    So, this could go on and on with the other seasons, but with new extras and other stuff...
    It would be nice actually if BB could get the rights and do this on DVD.
    So for now, "Keep circulating the tapes (or DVD's if you have a recorder er, wait it can't record off analoug tape)".
  2. Patrick McCart

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    Patrick McCart
    Actually, there's 22 KTMA episodes.

    The reason why these episodes can't be on video is because Best Brains never got the rights for the movies in the first place, and also...they're terrible and they don't want them to be seen.
  3. Mark E J

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    Oct 26, 2000
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    What's KTMA stand for?
  4. Jeffrey Gray

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    Aug 11, 2001
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    Nothing. It's KTMA-TV, a no-longer-existent independent station in Minneapolis-St. Paul.
  5. Adam Tyner

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    Sep 29, 2000
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    I very much doubt you'll ever see KTMA episodes distributed in any official form. I'm surprised enough that the first season episode "The Crawling Hand" was released on VHS and is rumored to soon to creep onto DVD as well.

    Unfortunately, releasing every episode would be cost-prohibitive due to the licensing involved, and there are some episodes that'll never see the light of day again (Sandy Frank material, most notably).

    I wouldn't mind seeing a site or some sort of bi-monthly "subscription" service to distribute episodes.
  6. Jeff Kleist

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    Dec 4, 1999
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    Full season sets of MST3K will never happen. It sucks, but it's the truth
    The rights owners for such classics as "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" will not give them up to Rhino for some stupid reason (I heard something about a remake???).
    BB does not want the KTMA eps out there (Even though I MAY have some, all the copies out there are in bad shape)

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