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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Andre Barros, Apr 24, 2003.

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    I've decided on the NSP1II as my next speakers and a JBL PB-10 sub. I currently have a JBL SCS 150 SI hooked to my Pioneer VSX-D411. Right now I have the sub hooked to the LFE channel and all 5 speakers directly on the receiver. I know enough about HT to know that most people would recomend this kind of setup (except the guys from Polk maybe) but when I get the NSP1 things might have to be worked out. The problem is the following: my receiver has an adjustable cross-over (100, 150 & 200hz) and for the SCS 150 that does it since they cant handle any real bass. Ohh, by the way I have it set at 150hz. However the N24's go down to 75hz and the N-center goes down to 80hz and I would like to make use of that so I might have to do it the Polk way in order to use the speakers the way they deserve. I would than use the cross-over on the PB-10 sub set at 80hz. I believe that is the only way out right?



    P.S. Yes, I'll be upgrading the receiver also, but I want the speakers and the new sub first.
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    The frequencies do not just get cut off at the x-over point, they roll off at a particular slope, typically expressed over 1 octave. So, assuming a 100Hz x-over and a 6dB/octave slope, you will still get sound potentially as low as 50Hz, a 150Hz x-over - 75Hz, etc... What this means is, try both 150Hz and 100Hz, and see which sounds better. If your receiver's slope is steeper, you may get better results with 100Hz.

    It sounds like you have it right already, but you might want to try 100Hz also [​IMG]

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