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    Hi guys I would like to get a recommendation from professional guys for followings:

    (a) Amplifier (7.1 with 2 HDMI outputs and 3D support)

    (b) Projector

    (c) Center Speaker (Box type which I could stand on a TV cabinet) Note that I got Boston wall and ceiling speakers installed and should I go for same Boston brand or any other brand.

    I am not after very cheap product or very expensive one. Something in the middle of range would be good.

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    A) A receiver with 2 hdmi outputs automatically puts you in the middle to high end. They start with the Denon 3311, Onkyo 1008, Pioneer Elite 33 and the least expensive of them all-the Yamaha RX-A800.

    B) Sorry, I don't know anything about front projectors.

    C) Yes, you should stick with Boston Acoustics for your center channel. Try and find a model with the same type of tweeter as the fronts.

    Edit: BTW, here's an on-line code that apparently gets you a Denon 3311 for a little over $800 shipped from

    Goto and use CODE = LSDA1229 and it will be less than $800! What a STEAL, and you heard it here first.

    Dennis in the receiver forum gave us the heads up on this.
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    Personally, for a projector, I am going with an Epson 8350. They are around $1200 to $1300. If that is in your price range, I would recommend reading more about them and comparing them to other projectors at

    Besides price and fantastic performance for the money, I chose the 8350 because it is extremely flexible in placement. You can mount it high or set it on a table, you don't have to have it right in the center of the screen. You can get a 100" image from as close as 9' to as far as 21' or so, because it has a 2.1 zoom. I need this kind of flexibility. Also, it is a bright image, so it does well with some ambient light. I will usually be viewing at night but if I want to use it at day time, it will work and some won't.

    The 8350 may not be the solution for you but it is at least a place to start comparing.

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    Recommending anything without more specific info from you is ridiculous.

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