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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Curt Badry, Jun 23, 2006.

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    Hope you guys can help,
    The last movie i watched was War of the Worlds (few days ago). My amp (Detonation DT300 Plate amp) worked fine. I went to turn it on tonight and nothing. Now the rocker switch has auto on/off. When everything was working correctly the red led glows steady when in the off position. It also glows steady (red) when you turn the switch to on, then when it gets a signal the led turns green and we're off to the races. So tonight the led (in the off/on) position isn't coming on at all.....Unless i unplug the power cord from the amp, then the red led lights up for about 5 seconds then goes out. Same thing happens when i plug the power cord back in. I tested the fuse in the power cord as well as the 2 fuses on the circuit board of the amp, they are all ok. I don't know much about plate amps but my experience with electrical, ( i'm an auto tech) makes me lean towards a capacitor or some sort.
    If anyone has ran into this or has some idea what might fix my problem it would be greatly appreciated.

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    My first thought, assuming all the above you tested is ok, is a power transistor. I had a similar problem on my PSB sub's plate amp and traced it down to a small power supply that resides within tha plate amp. PSB informed me that my cost of a plate amp (would not sell me the p/s alone) would be $600 so after telling them to take a flying leap, I purchased all 4 power transistors and fixed myself for $10.

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