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    I was wondering what people thought about the amps they use with their DIY subs. Does the amp one uses, have a lot to do with the sound one can achieve with their DIY sub, or will two amps of equal power sound the same? Is the amp a crutial aspect of the sub or is the driver and design of the enclosure more significant?
    I guess im asking because, as I am currently building my sonosub (dayton 15" dvc) and I am second guessing the amp I will be using and if it will provide me with the sound I hope to get. I mentioned the use of this amp in a previous post:
    As of now I will be using this d-box plate amp, 350w(peak I believe[​IMG]), but to what extent would I notice better sonic qualities if I use a different amp, like the 250w one on sale at for $100, or something similar?
    Would an increase in power simply increase my SPLs or would it also serve to lower THD and to what extent would it do so?
    Thanks for putting up with me:
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    For a single driver, I would jump all over that sale at PE.

    With my dual Tempests, I noticed most of the difference in sound was better control of the drivers that a bigger amp has. During the high transients of a movie, for instance, the sub had more impact, and could articulate finer detail while really pumping it out.


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