Amp usage, speaker connection questions.

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    I have a pair of bookshelf speakers that are connected to the subwoofer using the speaker level outputs of the subwoofer. The subwoofer has a crossover of 100 hz. The subwoofer is connected to the receiver using the speaker level outputs of the stereo receiver.
    I have a stereo receiver that does not have a subwoofer output and a subwoofer that does not have an LFE in or Line In.
    In this configuration, are the main speakers using the amp of the subwoofer or the receiver's amp ?
    Would I be able to achieve better sound if I connected the main speakers to the receivers speaker level outputs ?
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    What manuf/model of subwoofer do you have? Different designs work slightly differently.
    However, yes, the speaker output of your stereo is what is driving your bookshelf speakers. The subwoofer is not supplying any power for them and draws only a trivial amount for itself.
    Some subwoofers include high-pass crossovers that filter out the low frequencies from what they pass on to the main speakers. This reduces the power that your stereo has to provide, since the subwoofer's internal amp is being used for the low frequencies.
    Other subwoofer designs only have the low-psss filters needed for their own inputs. They let everything through to the mains, which results in a boost in the volume of the frequencies where they overlap.
    Connecting your main speakers directly to your stereo would be the equivalent of this second, simpler design. It'd be worse.
    I hope this clarifies things a little.
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