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    I am hoping to get a second svs 20-39+ for Christmas[​IMG] I currently have one. I am using a spare channel on my parasound 2205 [email protected] [email protected] x 5 and I will be adding another 5 channel amp to my system soon (not yet decided) so I will have plenty of channels to spare. My question is should I spring for a sampson or crown 2 channel amp for the duo or is the parasound good enough? I plan on using the second sub in my ht side by side or whatever works better if I don't notice a big difference in my ht I will use the second sub in my living room to integrate with my paradigm reference in wall speakers
    My ht is 26' long 14' wide and 7' high drop ceiling acoustic tiles, carpet, wood panel on wall and couches, two doors that can seal off the room! did I forget anything?
    Thanks Bob
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    The dB-12 driver can handle around 500 watts. You probably won't quite be reaching the potential of this driver with the Parasound, purely from an SPL standpoint - if that's what you were getting at with your question.

    There is about a 2 dB difference between the 2 power levels (300 vs. 500), all other factors being equal (which they probably aren't when you start trying to compare Parasound, Samson, and Crown).

    Regardless, Parasound makes very fine equipment, and if you are getting two CS+, being 2 dB shy of max output with both of them running off the Parasound will probably be purely academic - I'm sure you'll be getting plenty of SPL at that point anyway!


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