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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by GaryHa, Jun 18, 2006.

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    Hi guys, I know absolutely nothing at all about amps, and I'm absolutley useless with most things like this, so in-depth advice would be greatly apprecaited!

    I have recently been passed a amp down from a friend, it's a Sony TA-VE170. I today wanted to connect the amp to my Xbox, which has RGB connections (As seen in this picture:

    It says I need to connect the three wires (which i have) into the back of my amp, now here's where the problem starts.

    The back of my amp looks like this: I don't understand where the wires should be going into the back of the amp.

    If anyone could give me any information or what I need to purchase to make my three wires go into that, i'd be extremely grateful. Thanks.
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    Your XBox pictures are for using an amp as a video switcher, which the Sony cannot do. The XBox will have to connect directly to the display (for the video connections). Audio connections to the Sony will need to be L/R audio, usually on red/white cables unless the XBox has an internal Dolby Decoder with a 5 wire audio breakout cable. The Sony does not have a digital audio input so the Xbox picture does not apply in any way to your hookup.

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