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    Mar 2, 2000
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    My Kenwood integrated amp decided to pack it in last night, so now I am looking for a new power amp for my Sonosub. I have access to a line from InterM. They look good on paper, but I am a bit concerned about a couple of things:
    1 - This amp offers both blanced XLR and phone jacks. How do I connect my receiver to these connectors?
    2 - I remember reading way back, that some of the "pro" series amps didn't receive enough "signal" at the input points. The 2 amps I'm looking at, have an input sensitivity of .775V (0dBm). Will my Yamaha receiver provide enough for these amps to drive my Sonosub?
    Thanks guys...
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    1) a RCA to a 1/4" jack should work fine.
    2) my old pro-logic receiver had this problem. I tried using a signal-boosting device(god i forgot the name) but it didnt work for me, and the place I bought it from decided never to speak to me again about returns and such, I also forget the name of the place as I would like to tell you to avoid doing business with them...damn memory. once I moved up to a DD/DTS receiver(kenwood vr410) it worked fine. I dont think you should have a problem.

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