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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by DavidVT, Jul 23, 2003.

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    May 7, 2003
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    Hey all,

    I bought Steve's older SVS 25-31CS which is tuned @ 22hz and ART351 EQ to augment my Def Tech PF15tl+ and need something to power it. This will be in a dedicated home theater approx L20' X W18'. I was initially thinking of just buying a Samson S700 via the internet, but wanted the imput of the experts (you guys). I would want the amp to last for some time, through the upgradeitis and all [​IMG] Esthetics is of a major concern as well, the amp will reside in my visable audio cabinet with some Pioneer Elite stuff. Of the below, which would you choose bearing the aforementioned in mind:

    Samson S700
    Samson S1000
    QSC RMX850
    Crown XLS402A
    Behringer EP-1500

    Please keep in mind that I have no clue about amps in general. From my searching posts, I've seen that the Crown, QSC, and Beringer AMPs are supposed to be superb.

    Thanks for all your assistance
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    as far as i have seen, none of those amps are particularly good looking. in fact, most pro amplifiers are pretty industrial looking and probably not going to look all that great in a visible cabinet. that being said, i think the crown xls series probably looks the best of all the ones i have seen (i havnet seen the behringer amp before).

    performance wise, i havent read anything bad about any of those brands.

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