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Shawn Solar

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May 12, 2001
I have two subs for sale. They are adire aduio 12" subs. They came as left overs from an OEM shipment. They have pretty much the same specs as the shiva's but are dual 2ohm and a smaller vas.

here are the specs
fs 23.3
re 1.9ohm
qms 8.5
qes .34
sd 480cm^2
vas 89l
xmax 16mm
Le 1.43
power 250-450watts

Like I said they model fairly well. 80l to 100l ported. Or 35l sealed. I paid $75US new each plus shipping I will sell $65US each plus shipping. all packed and sealed. One I tried in my car the other has never been used. After I got it broken in they actually sound great.

Next I have an Anthem MCA-2 that is almost 2yrs old. It can do 200X2 into 8ohms or 350X2 into 4ohms. And is in perfect condition. I will sell with or without the subs for $450US plus shipping as it served me well for my main speakers.

I'm selling cause I have a sub but I am buying a new car. I should also have some car audio for sale in the next few weeks as things warm up and I can take it out of my current ride. Thanks

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